Rescue Program

To promote and support the welfare of all Bernese Mountain Dogs and known crossbred Bernese.

We support and counsel owners as they encounter dog care issues or have questions, so each Berner receives the best care possible and remains a loved and viable family member.

Please see our Rescue Guidelines for further information


The rescued dog is placed under the care of a Committee member whilst the carer and a veterinarian assess health and temperament.

Every effort is made to identify and contact the dog’s breeder as they usually have a good knowledge of the dog’s history, has have a life-long concern for the welfare of the dog and generally want to be involved in the re-homing process.

A thorough veterinary examination is organised to check the dog’s health; this may include sterilisation. The committee carer appraises the dog’s temperament throughout these initial days.

The history of a dog dealt with by the club’s club is rarely known in full. Every effort is made to match a rescue dog with their a new home with where will be a high probability of success. The club supports new owners in settling the dog into it’s its new home and guidelines are given to assist with feeding and general care.

New owners will be asked to make a donation towards recouping costs associated with the rescue. The Club will determine this amount.
Fortunately we rarely need to implement the Rescue & Re-homing Program – let’s try and keep it that way!

If you require any further information re our Rescue Program  contact our Information Officer Deb Cromb (0400 695 640)



ShilohShiloh was surrendered to our club in very poor condition, with the breeder no longer being based in Australia the club managed his rehabilitation and rehoming.

Shiloh was extremely under weight at 26kg and was severely anaemic due to the infestation of ticks and fleas.

Despite his condition Shiloh showed the true Berner temperament and took everything in his stride, his tail never stopped wagging. Shiloh stayed with our committee member Renee Jackson for just over 3 months until the club and a club patron Dr Steve Metcalf from Applecross Vet were happy to let him go to his fur-ever home.